Annual Report 2003 -2004



Launching in the 7th fiscal year we have reached a stone in mobilising the community in the operational areas and carrying out miniature programmes with our local mobilised funds. For the past years we have involved in mustering the community through self-help groups and will be carried out till saturation.  Self-help groups have been actively carrying out their spell of activities with team unity and integrity. Four Special schools are rendering facilities for the deprived children to enhance their knowledge and skills. Coaching centers in twenty villages are operated to equip the rural students to attain knowledge of academic and life education. In the last fiscal year we have launched programmes in Sankarankovil taluk of Tirunelveli district. We are lending a helping hand to the deprived communities of Vilathikulam taluk of Tuticorin district and Sankarankovil taluk of Tirunelveli district.  The rural communities’ needs were assessed and on the basis of priorities of needs, we have evolved strategies to initiate actions with the participation of the rural deprived communities. Moreover, we have established Care Center for mentally retarded and cerebral palsy children with five children and many parents have thronging the center to admit their children, but due to financial constraint we have been knotted to enroll more children with disabilities. After conducting an intensive study in 10 villages, the plight of the community have been identified and we have a major setback in community development process due to inadequate resources to fulfill the community needs. We hope that the financial year 2004-05 will be a booming time for the target people of Vidiyel Trust. We have reviewed the activities of Vidiyel Trust for the year 2003-04 and the major activities and performances are highlighted in this annual report.


In the process of planning and implementation of activities Vidiyel Trust board of members provide their genial support, in particular Fr. Denzil Raja, President and Sr. Ursula Mary, Vice-President render their valuable suggestions for the development of the community. In the overall process, Dr.K.Jothimony Ph.d., works to his fullest for empowerment of the needy people and he is restless to attend to the community needs. To work with the rural deprived communities, he has got voluntary retirement from Oil Natural and Gas Corporation (a Government of India enterprise) and renders industrious and committed service for bringing a development in the Vilathikulam and Sankarankovil regions in the field of education, health, agriculture and industry. Furthermore, Vidiyel Trust staff in Vilathikulam and Sankarankovil is a great wall for the execution of the Trust activities. They render diligent and sincere efforts in carrying out their assigned tasks to their level best. So, a team effort from all levels executed in an apropos way and it would make a big stride in the next year.

Education is a far vision for most of the children in Vilathikulam particularly the children from below poverty line families.  Before the advent of the Special Schools in the villages of Chidambara Nagar, Manthikulam and Mamunaina Puram, the plights of the child labourers in these villages are inexplicable to state their pathetic condition. Most of these children shoulder their family responsibilities at tender age as a chief bread earner.  Furthermore, most of the non-school going children by any means involved in work, even the children not engaged in outside work are pressed to do their household maintenance work and to care the younger siblings. After the intervention of the National Child Labour Project through Vidiyel Trust have yielded booming impact in the life style of the children enrolled in the Special Schools. In the last fiscal year we have newly initiated a special school at Alagunaichiyapuram in Sankarankovil taluk of Tirunelveli district. In brevity we presented a picture below on the activities and impacts of the National Child Labour Project Special Schools run by Vidiyel Trust.

Project supported by: Government of Tamil Nadu through Child Labour Elimination Project.

Aim of the project:

Eradication of child labourers and transforming the unflavored life of deprived children into fruitful one.

Activities of the special schools for the reporting period are:

  • Regular school syllabuses are taught to the student to intensify the pedagogic skill of the student.
  • Sports and games were conducted thrice to groom the student’s physical health.
  • Cultural programmes promoted once in a quarter to boost the morale of the student.
  • Vocational training such as weaving of baskets, mufflers and decorative items are imparted to the students to equip their hand motor skills.
  • Parents meeting was conducted in each month.
  • Each month the Coordinators of both the project areas attended the Collectorate meetings on Child labour.

Welfare Measures:

  • The child labour mothers are provided with an incentive amount of Rs.100/- per month, which is issued through post office with a joint account with their kids.
  • Educational and sports materials are offered to the students of the special schools.

Status of Enrollment and Staff Pattern in the Special Schools

Quantity Special Schools in Vilathikulam Special Schools in Sankarankovil
No. of schools 3 1
No. of teachers 12 2
No. of Clerks 2 1
No. of Peons 2 0
No. of Cooks 4 1
No. of Child labourers studying 150 30
Volunteers 60 15

Additional activities:

  • Medical camp conducted once in a month, and the children were thoroughly scanned for diagnosis and provided treatment by the Primary Health Centre medical team.
  • Parents meeting held once in a month to discuss the development stage of the children.
  • Health camp on wholistic growth was organised to sensitise the community and children on essentiality of upright health.
  • Independence Day and Republic Day were celebrated on 1st August 2004 and 26th January 2004 respectively to commemorate the nation’s sovereignty and imbibe the value of the nation in the hearts of the children.
  • All religious festivals were celebrated to impart the secular value in the minds of the children at tender ages.
  • The positive and negative effects of the activities carried out in the special schools were evaluated in the meeting organised by the District Collectorate.

Impact Assessment:

  • Before entering into the special school the child labourers are not adequate in reading and writing skills but after enrollment and rigorous training the child labourers have been equipped in reading and writing of Tamil language, they are able to recite rhymes and poems and multiple tables and to tell general knowledge information on India’s leaders and its Constitution.
  • The Special School children have acquired skill sets to weave baskets, mufflers and decorative items.
  • Volunteers play a vital role in identifying the child labourers or non-school going children in their localities and extending their cooperation in creating awareness about the child labour issue among the communities.
  • Parents slowly cognisant in knowing about the value of education and aspire to give education to their children.

Human values in rural villages are not channelised    for constructive purposes, children from rural villages are inaccessible for quality education and due to this effects the drop their studies and pushed into labour market. Analysing this aftermath effect, Vidiyel Trust has initiated 21 free coaching centers in 10 villages of Vilathikulam block and 2 villages of Sankarankovil. For support of this programme SHG volunteers of the localities have extended their full cooperation in educating the children. On behalf of the Trust, they are paid incentives per month to uplift their motivation level of serving the target community. Below we have highlighted the activities and impact of the free coaching centers.

Activities of the free coaching centers:

  • Imparting quality education to the rural deprived students
  • Educating the students on general knowledge, Hindi and English languages to read, write and speak.
  • Organising cultural events to boost their aspiration level of learning.

Welfare measures:

Books and notes were given to the coaching center students during the starting of the academic period so as to enable them to acquire education without any hindrance.

Operation time of the free coaching centers: 5.30 PM to 7 PM

Area of location of the free coaching centers:

Name of the areas No. of students No. of teachers


Pillaiyarnatham 112 2
Velidupatti 95 2
Singlipatti 85 2
Kotanatham 65 2
Ilanthakulam 58 2
Vedapatti 38 1
Salisettipatti 40 1
Thangamalpuram 96 2
Periyasamipuram 118 2
Vembar 45 1


Karivanam Vandhanallur 70 2
Ramanathapuram 45 2


867 21

Impact of the free coaching center on the rural children:

  • The students have improvised in memorizing vocabularies in English and Hindi.
  • To an extent they have acquired knowledge on general aspects.

Woman, a special gift to the earth and through whom we look the earth but often the women folk in the rural villages are deprived of freedom to speak, share to properties and freedom of companionship. After the penetration of self-help groups in these villages they are slowly emancipated to enjoy their legitimate rights. In the last financial year Vidiyel Trust have formed 50 NGOs in Vilathikulam taluk covering 3 Unions. An outline sketch of the last financial year activities in the field of SHG is quoted below:

Objectives of the programme:

Empowering the women socially, economically, culturally and politically through collective actions.


No. of SHGs
Total Savings (Rs.)
Own Fund Mobilisation
Out loan mobilisation
No. of SHGs issued loan
No. of members benefited
Vilathikulam Town Panchayat
Village Panchayats


No. of SHGs
Total Savings (Rs.)
Own Fund Mobilisation
Out loan mobilisation
No. of SHGs issued loan
No. of members benefited
Village Panchayats
Panchayat Union
No. of SHGs
Total Savings (Rs.)
Own Fund Mobilisation
Out loan Mobilisation
No. of SHGs issued loan
No. of members benefited
Sankarankovil and Kuruvikulam

Area of operation:

Self-help groups are formed in three Panchayat Unions of Vilathikulam Taluk namely Pudhur, Ettaiyapuram and Vilathikulam, which covers 20 villages in 40 panchayats. In Sankarankovil taluk two Unions are covered namely Sankarankovil and Kuruvikulam.

Activities promoted in the reporting period:

Communities below poverty line are identified and they are given priority to form groups with the help of local village level facilitators. The individual persons are motivated to form a thrift group to lift their economic standards through formation of self-help groups. The groups in Vilathikulam have so far formed is 41 SHGs (10 groups are men SHG) comprising 540 members, these groups are guided to get loans through State Bank of India and Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, 34 SHGs have received loan to a tune of total Rs. 6,75,000/-, which is being benefited by 301 members (18 members are men). In Sankarankovil region, Vidiyel Trust has made a fast track record in forming 105 SHGs within a short span of time of eight months, the total members are 1520 with total savings amount of Rs. 7,50,500/- and to a tune of Rs.22,50,000/- have been issued to 32 groups.  Four federations have been formed in Madathupatti, Alkondappuram, Karivanam and Ramanathapuram  and Alagunachiyapuram, with each federation having 20SHGs.

Major plus of the Self-help group activities:

  • Most of the groups have been completely liberated from the clutches of the usurers.
  • The capacities of organising meetings and maintaining accounts have been considerably increased.
  • Some members have renovated the houses into concrete houses. Anbu Mahalir self-help group of Veerasigamani and Sri Magal self-help group of Karivanam Vandha Nallur in Sankarankovil taluk have been awarded loan for establishing internet centre for a tune of Rs. 3,00,000 each.
  • Twenty five members had received individual loan through Sankarankovil project office through IASC Bank to an amount of Rs.15,000 each.
  • Ten SHGs in Vilathikulam project operation have received group development loan for Rs.25,000 each, which is used as a revolving fund.
  • Comparing to the before formation of self-help groups the members as group has been economic developing through savings habits and generation of income through entreprenuership programmes.
  • Most of the members who received the loan have invested the amount in trades such as petty trades, provisional stores, cattle rearing and flower seeding.
  • Members who have not hold a pen have been trained to read and write basic words and to put their signature.
  • Women have been getting consciousness on issues pertinent to women .

In our society unfocussed health issues were not brought to forefront, Vidiyel Trust in collaboration with Family Planning Association of India, Madurai initiated Reproductive Child Health programme to bring out the core reproductive and child health issues through a sectoral investment approach on 15th December 2003 in Vilathikulam block. A study on health problems encountered by children, ANC mothers, PNC mothers, anemic women and newly married couples were conducted in 16 villages of Vilathikulam. The survey covered 2463 households and the total population in the surveyed area is 10020 population. The significant contention of the survey report with relevance to use of contraceptive methods and knowledge on reproductive tract infections (RTIs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)  is illustrated below:

Major findings of the survey Is Future plan To
Use of contraceptive methods among: To improve the percentage of:
Eligible couples 34.6% Eligible couples 40%
Adolescent girls 44.4% Adolescent girls 50%
Adolescent boys 58.3% Adolescent boys 62%
Women 26.0% Women 36%
Men 50.2% Men 60%
Poor Knowledge on RTI/STI 65.6% Knowledge level 100%

Vidiyel Trust conducted a survey to have scientific study on the state of being of the rural communities in Vilathikulam block. In this connection, we selected ten villages through random sampling and surveyed thoroughly using PRA technique. An expert team in PRA from Tuticorin was inducted to carry out the survey. Mapping exercises were used in the technique, where a group of villages participated in the survey and reflected their social and economic characteristics of their locality and drawn out their own community needs. The reflection made by the community about their status was recorded and a detailed analysed report was prepared.

Rural Development Group comprising NRI members of USA conducted a study in the villages of Vilathikulam block with the assistance of Vidiyel Trust about the rural patterns of life. Five villages such as Ettaiyapuram, Vilathikulam, Elanthakulam, Nagalapuram and Kodagipatti were chosen for study, the team conducted opinion study about the life pattern of the rural communities and the indication of the study has lead the NRI team to choose Vilathikulam taluk as model villages for promotion of community development programmes.

Children with special needs are left unnoticed in Vilathikulam region, in our survey we observed a considerable children with disabilities. Mentally retarded and cerebral palsy children are in a dismal state, the parents do not properly nurture them and not much therapeutic treatment are given to them. Vidiyel Trust with empathetic approach established a day care center in the month of February at Vilathikulam, currently five children have been admitted, whom a Special Educator and a Caregiver care help in their learning process.

Nurturing activities:

  • The children are trained on daily activity living skills.
  • Physical and speech therapies are provided frequently.
  • Fine motor skills are imparted with a framework of the child’s development milestone.
  • At lunch the children are provided nutrient foods.


To tap the latent potential of rural youth to contribute their valuable deed for personal and societal developments.

Programmes Organised: Sports and cultural events, self-employment and income generation programmes.

In the month of August, as a commemoration of Independence day, sports and cultural events organised at Ilanthakulam, where 50 youth from surrounding villages participated in the events. The winners were awarded with Vidiyel Trust shield and a citation of value Rs. 1000, Rs.500 and Rs.250 for the first, second and third winners.

Three tailoring centres are functioning in Chidambara Nagar, Mandhikulam and Mamunainarpuram in Vilathikulam taluk and Perumpathur, Mel Alagunaichiyapuram and Veerasigamani in Sankarankovil taluk, where 15 girl students are learning tailoring in each centre. A six-month course is offered for one batch, in which tailoring for kinds of clothes, weaving wire bags and handicrafts and besides life education programmes are offered to the students. A nominal contribution of Rs.60 per month collected from members of Vidiyel Trust SHGs and Rs. 75 per month for non-SHG members. The prime objective of the vocational course is to provide economic rehabilitation and restructure in the life of the deprived people.


  • The students have acquired technical skills in tailoring and decorative designs.
  • A positive change in attitude has been resulted in the behaviour of the beneficiaries.

Computer training centre was established to train the rural poor students, who have inaccessibility to computer education. It was established on January 2003 and ten students are trained in a batch for six month course, according to the convenience of the students week end training is given to them.  A module has been developed and a trained instructor coaches the students.


The students from penury group have an opportunity to learn computer courses.

Nomads in Tuticorin bus stand and Manthithope (Kovilpatti) are one of our prime target group, where we conducted a study to analyse their community needs, in which they mainly revealed that they need pattas for constructing houses, education for their children and socio-economic developmental programmes. In this concern we are educating the children in Tuticorin bus stand and Manthithope by mainstreaming them in regular schools and in the year 2003 –04 we granted textbooks, note books and uniforms for 20 children. Moreover, a team comprising of Fr. B. Antony, Mr. Jesu Raja and Dr. K. Jothimony met the Tuticorin Collector and discussed about the problems encountered by nomads and pressurised to take steps to give pattas to the nomads. A steadfast work is undertaken in this regard.


Name of the programme
Training offered through Vilathikulam Head Office
Leadership training – 2 days
Self help groups – 70 members
Groups have gained capacity to organise their group events individually
Accounts training – 2 days
Self-help groups – 58 members
Representatives are capable of handling the records
Group notebook maintenance – 2 days
Staff – 4
The trained staff able to disseminate accounts information to the group members
Group Insurance Scheme training – 1 day
Staff – 4
Through staff the members have been benefited
Bank Linkage training – 1 day
Staff – 4
The staff have obtained knowledge on the Bank linkage system
Training offered through Sakarankovil Project Office
Leadership training – 3 days
Self help groups – 80 members
Groups have gained knowledge to organise their group events independently
Group maintenance training – 2 days
Staff – 2
The staff have improvised in teaching the groups on account matters
Training on anti-corruption movement organised by AIMS India at Coimbatore  – 1 day attended by Mr. Gabriel Sundar Raj
Staff – 1
The staff has learned information on methods to prevent corruption

Correlation of activities of the year 2003-04 with year 2002-03:

Compared with the variation level of activities with the previous year 2002-03, Vidiyel Trust has rendered speedy and tedious effort and in particular in the area of self-help groups in Sankarankovil and in Reproductive and Child Health project. Moreover, in the year 2003 – 04 we have  promoted many programmes such as care center for MR and CP children and Computer Centre has enlarged our vision in promoting community development programmes. Earlier, we have not involved in scientific social work research techniques in assessing the community needs. In the year 2003-04, community cooperation and participation are laudable and they support the Vidiyel Trust’s campaign. The graph 1 shows the development of programmes activated in the year 2003-04 comparison to the previous year 2002-03.

Future Plans:

On the basis of the participatory rural appraisal survey we have chalked out a plan to promote programmes in the next fiscal year and we have quoted a few plans below:

  • To expand the formation of self-help groups in a wider horizon and to impart intensive entreprenuership training to achieve collective self-reliance.
  • With the aid of funds we hope to rehabilitate more children with mental retardation and cerebral palsy to provide them a social status in the family and the society.
  • In the forthcoming year we have planned to promote use of contraceptive methods and RTI/STI among the eligible couples, adolescent girls and boys and women and men.
  • Planning to promote multi-sectoral community rehabilitation programme in Vilathikulam taluk.
  • Proposed to set up 100 KW biomass gasifier power plant to energise irrigation water pumpsets of the whole rural communities.
  • Housing project for nomads at Manthithope and Tuticorin is planned.

Appreciation for the staff who rendered diligent and sincere efforts

Name of the staff Designation
Dr. K. Jothimony Executive Director
Mrs. Uma Vardhan Project Manager (Sankarankovil)
Mr. Kathirvel RCH Coordinator
Mr. Rathinasabapathi Field Officer
Mr. Gabriel Sundar Raj Coordinator (Sankarankovil)
Mrs. Latha Field Staff (RCH)
Mrs. Mari Selvi Field Staff (RCH)
Mrs. Mary Field Staff (SHG) – Vilathikulam
Mrs. Selvi Field Staff (SHG) – Vilathikulam
Mr. Kalichamy Field Staff (SHG) – Sankarankovil
Mrs. Poomani Field Staff (SHG) – Sankarankovil
Our hearty thanks to other staff who have been dedicated and committed in carrying out the assigned tasks, the staff in Vocational training centre, Free Coaching centre and Computer training centre, Day Care Centre and Special Schools



Our wholehearted thanks to……

National Child Labour Project, District Collectorate, Tuticorin

National Child Labour Project, District Collectorate, Tuticorin

Family Planning Association of India, Madurai

State Bank of India, Vilathikulam

Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank, Vilathikulam

Pandian Grama Bank, Vilathikulam

Pandian Grama Bank, Sankarankovil


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