Annual Reports 2006-2007



During the period 2006 – 2007, Vidiyel Trust with the support of India Literacy Project (ILP) rendered great efforts in the tsunami affected areas of Vembar and Periyasamipuram coastal villages. Strengthening of normal schools and activities of Child Activity Centres (CACs) made transition in the development of the children. These fishing and palmyrah tapping workers’ children, who for years being neglected in education development, after the tsunami relief and rehabilitation, had the opportunity of development through our intervention. Revolution year for Vidiyel Trust, with community participation it federated all the groups at taluk level in Vilathikulam, Kovilpatti and Sankarankovil taluks for promotion of income generation programmes, in particular, mixed cattle farms. The women self-help groups showed interests and commitment in the formation of the federations. In all our deeds we would like to thank all the stakeholders, in particular, to the benefactors for their support for the social cause and for the cooperation and participation of the beneficiaries in the developmental activities.


                                                                                                        Director, Vidiyel Trust




In the tsunami affected areas of Periyasamipuram and Vembar panchayats, Vidiyel Trust concentrated on the development of the victims in the education and economic realms. With the coordination and support of India Literacy Project, Vidiyel Trust initiated a sustainable livelihood and educational development project in the coastal panchayats. These panchayats were negated most of the supporters as it had met with severe damages of houses and properties and been left out without any source of support, but it was not brought it to their notice that it is vulnerable area at the time of natural calamities. Vidiyel Trust assessed the vulnerability and the shattered living conditions of the coastal people.  The major ILP activities are:

Ten CHILD ACTIVITY CENTRES (CACs) were started on April 2006 and currently 341 children in the ages of 6 to 14 years are benefited. Of whom the girls (204) exceed the enrollment strength of the boys (174). The children are groomed in clarifying their basic doubts on regular subjects, acquiring knowledge on current affairs and science technologies, improvising language skills both English and Hindi. Focus is given on ‘learning’ rather on ‘teaching’. Joyful learning activities promoted, children’s talents are exposed through cultural and sports events.

TEACHING MATERIALS such as black board, note books and charts were supplied to all Child Activity Centres to facilitate the children to learn and acquire knowledge and skills on November 15, 2006. At the time of distribution Mr. Kumaravelu, Regional Coordinator participated in this programme. Mrs. Anbu Rosemary, President of Periyasamipuram panchayat and Head mistress presided over the function.

CAPACITY BUILDING programme was conducted for both teachers and project staff for a week. Resource persons in the eminent field were invited and they gave the input on the pedagogic methods to educate the children and the areas to be concentrated in increasing the children retention rate.

For enhancing the school children’s learning process a volunteer was recruited to handle classes at Vembar School. Through this STRENGTHENING OF SCHOOL activity component the learning predicaments of the children were identified and they were helped out to resolve it then and there.


EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS were presented to 15 meritorious students from the target villages. These deserved students were identified with the help of the reports collected from the school teachers and CAC teachers. On the freedom breathing day of Independence the scholarships were presented to the deserved children.

CAREER GUIDANCE training programmes were organised for tenth standard students and twelfth standard students of Vembar Higher Secondary School on November 11, 2006 and November 18, 2006. Course materials were given to all the students. Placement officer from Poly Technical College was the chief guest for this programme. Mr.Kumaravelu, Regional Coordinator, shared his experience to the student community. The Head Master of the School had also given his views to his students. The children were educated on the higher education courses available after 10th and +2 in the fields of engineering, medicine, science, arts, para-medicals, etc.

PARENTS-TEACHERS MEETS were held and in each meeting it was accentuated the need and significance of education and on retention of school enrollment and attrition of child labours. 8 community groups in Periyasamipuram, 2 community groups in Royappapuram and 2 community groups in Vembar, were formed.


community meetings held dates and places
date place no. of participants
11.07.2006 Vadukkuseval 25
13.08.2006 Royappapuram 29
24.08.2006 Vembar 38
10.09.2006 Kunjapuram 21
16.10.2006 Muthayapuram 26
17.11.2006 Patchiyapuram 34
24.11.2006 Periyasamipuram 31

A RALLY was conducted by Vidiyel Trust to raise public awareness on eradication of child labour and drop out children to enroll in mainstream education at Vembar on December 16, 2006.  Rev.Fr.Bosco, Parish priest, Vembar flagged off the rally. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust, Mrs. Vasantha Lakshmi, Psychologist, Mrs. Maria Selvam, Vembar South Panchayat President, Mrs. Anandamariayal, Vembar Panchayat President, Mr. Veluchamy, Facilitator, Child Rights Southern Federation, Mr. Kennedy and Miss. Jayaprida, Student, were the chief guests. 350 children actively took part in this rally. The rally started from Subramaniapuram Kamaraj Statue and ended at Geetha Nagar Temple. Children raised their voices in demand and support of their inherited rights in the rally. A public meeting was held at the end of the rally, in which the local president presided over and the facilitator stressed on the human cohesiveness in acting against the child rights violation.

Vidiyel Trust and VEMBU jointly conducted COMMUNITY BASED ORGANISATION MEETINGS on disaster management and preparedness at Vembar on October 29, 2006. Dr. A. J. Christopher, Reader in Social Work, Sacred Heart College was the chief resource person who delivered special notes on man-made disaster and natural disaster and its preventive measures. Rev. Fr. Rego Rayan, Director of VEMBU presided over the function and, Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust welcomed the guests and the participants.

CHILDREN’S CLUBS were formed to raise awareness on the legitimate rights of the children. The children with inclination are enlisted in the clubs. Vidiyel has imparted two-day trainings to these groups. On August 2006, the clubs started functioning. In 10 villages children parliaments were formed and the members with their respective portfolios were chosen.   A chief minister and 7 Ministers of various portfolios were designated and took oath for discharging their duties.

A qualitative STUDY ON MIGRATION and its impact was conducted in the target villages. The focussed group discussions were held at Periyasamipuram, Patchiyapuram, Muthayapuram and Vembar. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director, Mr. Kennedy, PATHAI, and Mr.Kumaravelu, Regional Coordinator participated in these meetings. The research outcomes project that most of the people have felt the need of establishing a hostel for both boys and girls in Periyasamipuram and many parents opined that it would be beneficial for them as they are frequent migrants, the education of their children are greatly affected, and some children who due to migration had landed as child workers.


A CRECHE at Periyasamipuram was started in the month of April 2006 and currently 25 children are benefited. The creche was started to facilitate the children of the working mothers in Periyasamipuram, who find difficult in caring their tender kids. The kids in the creche are cared and imparted joyful learning to say rhymes, stories, using fine motor skills for their daily activity skills.

An ORIENTATION MEETING for CBOs was held at Vilathikulam on February 18,. Dr. Ms. Roseline Thayammal, Medical Officer, Primary Health Centre, Perilovanpatti and Mrs. Shyammala Devi, DSP, Vilathikulam were the chief guests. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust welcomed the chief guests and the participants. Mrs. Jansi Rani, Director, TANVA, Sankarankovil expressed her views with 79 CBOs on their role in interacting with the children and the school teachers about the educational performance of the children. Mrs. Shyammala Devi, DSP shared her experience on crossing the roads to achieve success in education and climbing the ladder to reach the level as DSP.

A workshop on YOUTH DEVELOPMENT for youth of Vembar and Periyasamipuram panchayats was conducted on March 14, 2007 at Vilathikulam. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director presided over the function. Mr. Damodaran, Director, Best Foundation delivered special note on lucrative business through rearing of Boer goats and Mrs. Nadalamandraselvi, School Teacher delivered special note on utilizing the talents of the youth on constructive manner and the importance of collective self-employment to achieve collective self-reliance.

A meeting for PANCHAYAT LEADERS was conducted on ‘children’s education and health’ at Vilathikulam on March 18, 2007.  The meeting was chaired by Dr. Thirunavukarasu, Reader in Rural Development, Gandhigram (Deemed) University, Dindigul. Mr. K. S. Kumaravelu, Regional Coordinator, ILP presided over the function. 30 panchayat leaders of Vilathikulam block participated in the workshop. Dr. Thirunavukarasu delivered a special note on significance of education and the role of the panchayat leaders in monitoring the local schools and anganwadis.



Rural school going children lacks in education because of basic concept doubts and poor attention for their developments. With this in aim, Vidiyel Trust approached AIMS India (Boston Chapter) with social concern accepted our authentic information and genuine proposal by supporting 27 free coaching centres in 20 villages such as: Pillaiyarnatham, Velidupatti, Singlipatti, Thangamalpuram, Ariyanayagipuram, Kumara Sakkanapuram, , Guruvarpatti, Kodangipatti, Atrangkarai, Kumara Subramaniapuram, Kotanatham, Vedapatti, Salisettipatti, Ponnaiyapuram, Puliyamkulam,Kammapatti, Karisalkulam, Poosanur,Keelashanmugapuram and O.Lakshminarayanapuram villages. In the fiscal year 2006 -07, 1109 students were educated in these centres, where an optimal learning atmosphere was established.  27 teachers were appointed to educate the rural school going children and a Coordinator monitors the FCC activities and reports the activities to the Executive Director.














Name of the CENTRES

No. of students

No. of teachers

Pillaiyarnatham 71 2
Velidupatti 81 2
Singlipatti 75 2
Thangamalpuram 112 2
Ariyanayagipuram 51 1
Kumara Sakkanapuram 26 1
Guruvarpatti 32 1
Kodangipatti 74 2
Atrangkarai 42 1
Kumara Subramaniapuram 45 1
O. Lakshmi Narayanapuram 31 1
Keelashanmugapuram 47 1
Poosanur 63 1
Puliyamkulam 80 2
Kotanatham 65 2
Vedapatti 43 1
Karisalkulam 41 1
Salisettipatti 45 1
Ponnaiyapuram 41 1
Kammapatti 44 1
Total 1109 27



National Child Labour Project

Child labour intensity is high in Vilathikulam and Sankarankovil Taluk. In the latter many children were involved in brick kiln, cutting proposis juliflora, construction, etc and in later match factories and agricultural activities. With the support of NCLP, Vidiyel Trust initiated 3 special schools in Vilathikulam taluk and 4 special schools in Sankarankovil taluk. A capacity of 150 children is being benefited through the special schools in Vilathikulam region and 119 children benefited through the special schools in Sankarankovil region.




NCLP Special Schools in Vilathikulam
S.No Name of the village No of Children No of teachers Non Teaching Staffs
1 Manthikulam 50 3 3
2 Mamunainarpuram 50 3 3
3 Subramaniyapuram at Chithampara Nagar 50 3 2
NCLP Special Schools in Sankarankovil
4 Azhakunatchiyarpuram 44 3 1
5 Athipatti 25 2 1
6 Kalappakulam 25 2 1
7 Panaiyoor 25 2 1


Special School Activities

Joyful learning promoted to channelise the potential of the children in development directives. Mainstream education syllabuses from first to fifth standards were followed in improvising the education standards of the child labourers. Regularly nutritious food with egg is catered to the children on every school day. The children were stimulated to play indoor and outdoor games. In the fiscal year 2006 – 07, on Independence sports day was celebrated and the children who won were presented awards and prizes. Through enabling the children to perform folk dance, sing awareness songs, acting in skits and participation in competitions have boosted the morale of learning. Extra inputs of Hindi and English vocabulary development imparted. An incentive amount of Rs.100 per month was given to the parents of the child labourers to boost the inclination to support the education of their children in the special schools.  One medical camp in a month was regularly conducted to scan the health status of the children. The students of Azhakunatchiyarpuram special school children were taken to study tour to Kodaikanal.



Vidiyel Trust in collaboration with NRI Home Coming Team (USA) initiated “Vilathikulam Initiative Project” with the purpose of developing a model integral village development programmes for the wholistic development of the socio-economically deprived communities in Vilathikulam block. The major activities of the ‘Vilathikulam Initiative Projects’ are:

Community Infrastructure

In Elanthakulam Village, Vidiyel Trust with the support of NRI Team installed bore well with syntax tank and taps and hitherto Vidiyel Trust maintains its operations then and there. Trouble shooting problems arising out of well/tank/taps are being resolved with the participation of the community.

Sustainable Livelihood Programme

Vidiyel Trust propelled sustainable livelihood programme with the support of Shri Ram Krishnan, NRI Home Coming Team through self-help groups in Vilathikulam block. The table below shows the self-help groups supported for livelihood programmes.


S.No. Place Name of the self-help group IG activity
1 Vilathikulam Vidiyel Farmer’s Club Vermicompost  and organic farming
2 Vilathikulam Vidiyel Dhalapathi Vermicompost and organic farming
3 Thangammalpuram Vidiyel Roja & Malligai Goat rearing
4 Soorangudi Vidiyel Thamarai Goat rearing
5 Ilanthakulam Vidiyel Kamaraj Goat rearing
6 Ilanthakulam   Water supply
7 Chidambaranagar Vidiyel Roja Malar Sewing machine
8 Kamalapuram Vidiyel Chelliammal & Perumallappan Sewing machine & Sheep rearing
9 Velidupatti Vidiyel Annamalai Vermicomposting


Advocacy of Child Rights

Vidiyel Trust has conducted a rally to sensitise the community on child rights issues and in forming social action groups in the operational areas. Two social action groups were established as an initiative of advocacy of child rights, one group in Vembar and another group in Vilathikulam. On November 20, 2007 the rally was conducted at Vilathikulam, Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust flagged off, nearly 120 children and community leaders participated in it. Demands on proper infrastructure in schools, compulsory education for children in the ages of 6 to 14 years and the significance of the education in the current trends were focused. Placards and banners were carried by the students.



HIV/AIDS, the deadly infection, which dreads the world, to prevent it in the operational areas of Vilathikulam and Kovilpatti, Vidiyel Trust initiated conscientisation programmes for spouses of prison inmates and school going children. On December 1, at Vilathikulam 22 women (wives of prison inmates) participated in the seminar on ‘Prevention of HIV/AIDS’. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust expressed the need for prevention of HIV for happy living with dignity. Mr. Ganesan, Project Coordinator, St. Joseph Hospital, Tuticorin explained about the role of the youth in lending a helping hand for the HIV victims in their locales. On December 3rd one day workshop for match workers was conducted at Vidiyel Office, Kovilpatti, where 73 school students in the standards of eleventh and twelth participated in the meeting. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust accentuate on the preventive methods and Mr. Thiyagu, Manager on the mode of infection of HIV/AIDS and Mr. Ganesan, Project Coordinator, St. Joseph Hospital on longevity of life for infected persons through anti retroviral therapy.


Self-help groups had made a trend setting in bringing out the womenfolk from

Status of Vidiyel Self-Help Groups
Block No of SHGs Members
Vilathikulam 75 168 924
Kovilpatti 55 288 298
Sankarankovil 113 398 1125
Total 243 854 2347

the house to the world of light. Vidiyel Trust in the fiscal year 2006 – 07 would accentuate it is year of ‘Federation for cattle rearing’, 3 federations were formed in Vilathikulam, Kovilpatti and Sankarankovil region respectively.

Trade Activities of the SHGs
S. No. Trade Type No. of SHGs
1 Goat rearing 7
2 Vermicomposting 3
3 STD booth and xerox 3
4 Rice mundi 2
5 Chicken stall 1
6 Internet centre 1


  • Formation of women and men self-help groups
  • Promotion of savings and credits
  • Internal loans disbursement
  • Linkages/revolving fund/subsidized loans for the Vidiyel groups in Vilathikulam region to an amount of Rs.1.45 crores, for Vidiyel groups in Sankarankovil region to a tuning amount of Rs. 0.85 crores and in Kovilpatti region Rs.0.10 crores issued respectively.
  • 348 SHG members were trained on accounts maintenance and skill development trainings.
  • Periodic visits made to monitor the SHGs’ activities.
  • 3 federations formed in Vilathikulam, Kovilpatti and Sankarankovil region respectively to start income generation programme through cattle rearing.


Clean Village Campaign

The clean village campaigns were promoted in 25 villages of Vilathikulam block through which motivated the women to participate and involve in transforming health, sanitation and hygiene practices. The women self-help groups of Vidiyel actively participated in these campaigns. Self-help group meetings were conducted at village level to sensitize the women to take up charges in maintaining health and sanitation and hygiene. Further, the group members shouldered responsibilities and divided into groups such as health group, sanitation and hygiene group and environment group. These groups performed their assigned tasks.



On March 8, 2007 Vidiyel Trust observed the International Women’s Day at V. K. Murugaiya Kalyana Mandapam in Vilathikulam, where 182 women participated in the event. Dr. K. Jothimony, Vidiyel Trust delivered his special notes on the revolutions of women through collective initiatives in savings and income generation programmes as well as a surge in creating awareness on health and education. Ms. Jansi Rani, TANVA, Director expressed that through federation women can do a lot as a self-help group leader she has graded up to the level of an entrepreneur and a Director for a small enterprise. Dr. Ms. Thaiyammal Roseline, Primary Health Doctor, Perilonvanpatti addressed the women participants to keep their physical fit and to take of their health that often deteriorates  their power of earning as well as spearhead action in the family. Mr. Damodaran, Best Foundation, Director explained the positive aspects of income generation programmes through federation. Mr.I.Thiyagu, Manager of Vidiyel Trust welcomed the participants and chief guests and Mrs. G. Kavitha, Accounts Officer gave vote of thanks.

On March 10, 2007 Vidiyel Trust observed Women’s Day at Devar Mandakapadi in Karivalam (Sankarankovil Target area), where a good number of around 2000 women assembled. Mr. R. Balakrishnan M.A., Police Superintendent delivered his presiding speech, Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust expressed the need of cohesive among women to start joint venture programmes. Mr. Marikannu, Block Development Officer requested the women folk to utilize the schemes which are unspent. Mr. Anbumani Ganesan, Union President and Ms. Paravathi Sankaran, Municipal President lighted kuthuvizhagu. Mr. Damodaran, Best Foundation, Director, was the chief guest and he expressed the positive aspects of income generation programmes through federation. The special invitees for the function were Mr. Kumaran, M.A., Inspector, Karivalam, Mr. Mariyappan, M.A., Sub Inspector, Karivalam, Mr.Muruganatham, M.Com., Sub Inspector, Karivalam, Mr.Jayachandran, Managager, IOB, Karivalam, Mr.Chockalingam, Manager, Pandiyan Grama Bank, Karivalam, Mr.Chockalingam, Manager, IOB, Pampukovil, Mr.Paulraj, B.Tech., Union President, Karivalam, Mr. Muthu Pandi, B.A.B.L., Union President, Kuvalai, Mrs. Kuruvammal, M.A., Union Counsellor, Karivalam, Mr.Ashok Gnanaraj, Union Counsellor, Kuvalai, Mrs.Shanmugathaiyi, District Counsellor and Mrs. Muthu Lakshmi, Block Vice-President, South Part. Mrs. Vijayarani, Sankarankovil In-charge, Vidiyel Trust welcomed the participants and Mr. Chelladurai, Community Organiser, Vidiyel Trust gave vote of thanks.



Vidiyel Trust and FRLHG, Bangalore jointly conducted training on ‘siddha health’ to self-help groups at Vilathikulam on August 21, 2007. In the training conventional siddha practices and updating its methods and patterning rights, were imparted in the sessions. Mr. Ariram Moorthy, Secretary of Parampariya Marapu Marumalarchi Trust presided over the inauguration function. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust gave his welcome speech.  Our traditional siddha medicine should not get vanished and the self-help groups and the rural siddha doctors can take the pattern rights for the medicine the supply for their clients. So that no one would claim it has their patterned rights. Thus, our conventional medicine is conserved. 46 diseases that prevails in the region was discussed further the need for addressing 22 diseases were deliberated and the medicines for curing it was documented. Mr. Ravi Venkatesh, President, AIMS INDIA (Boston) in his speech advised the self-help groups to grow medicinal plants in their gardens. About 30 Siddha specialists from all over the Tamil Nadu state and 55 Vidiyel women SHG members participated in the one day training.



Project in Kovilpatti

In the last fiscal year Vidiyel Trust in Kovilpatti project office has tremendous put forth efforts in forming 55 self-help groups and initiating them to promote savings and credits, conducted HIV/AIDS survey to identify HIV infected persons in the ages of 3 to 55 years (identified 62 persons with HIV), surveyed to find out dropout children to start up special schools for educating them and initiated clean and green village campaign with the support of Exnora International. Furthermore, a federation has been formed to promote cattle rearing for sustainable livelihood and to achieve collective self-reliance.


Project in Chennai

Vidiyel Trust in the last fiscal year is working in various slums of Chennai Corporation. Water and sanitation awareness programmes were conducted in 5 slums of Royapettai area. 11 self-help groups among slum dwellers were formed and guided to start up savings and credits. Two evening centres were opened at Royapettai area to impart education for slum children who were deprived of quality education, where 25 children in each centre is enrolled and imparted value based education.





Key Achievements

  • Vidiyel Trust has successfully federated all the group members in each taluk.
  • Initiated three federations in 3 taluks for sustainable livelihood through promotion of cattle rearing.
  • 104 Self-help groups have been facilitated to get loans and revolving funds.
  • Children in the coastal areas of Vembar and Periyasamipuram panchayats are improvising the education level after the implementation of ILP project activities.
  • Community participation in the coastal villages is high in support of ILP project.
  • Clean village campaigns have received warm welcome among the rural communities in Vilathikulam block.


Fund Supporters

– India Literacy Project, Bangalore

– AIMS India (Boston Chapter)

– NRI Home Coming, USA



– Rejuvenate India Movement

– VEMBU, Vilathikulam

– Exnora International, Chennai

– Sehgal Foundations, Gurgaon, Haryana

– Goonj, New Delhi & Amaya Consultants, Chennai


Looking Ahead

  • The migration and its impact – study has projected that children in the school going ages are severely affected in their educational progress, thus, through community responses it was extracted that they need a hostel at Periyasamipuram. Therefore, in the upcoming year, we felt the need for construction of a hostel for the beneficial of the migration children.
  • Through our observation study we assessed the prioritised need of establishing village libraries in Vilathikulam, Kovilpatti and Sankarankovil taluks for facilitating the rural students to develop reading habits as well as to acquire general knowledge.
  • In selected areas we have planned to initiate watershed projects for perennial water supply for potable water with the help of NRIs & NABARD.
  • Planned to promote technical education for farmers to initiate them for utilising advanced technological gadgets.
  • Initiating ‘Saanaikal’ project for imparting optimal learning for rural poor learning students in Kovilpatti block and replicating the model to Vilathikulam and Sankarankovil blocks.
  • Creating sensitization programme on ‘HIV/AIDS and its prevention’ for match workers in Kovilpatti taluk.
  • As Sankarankovil region is climatic most suited for flower cultivation it has been evolved to establish perfume extraction and bee-keeping for enabling the poor women to become entrepreneurs.
  • A novel agro-farming is to be installed at Vilathikulam in 13 acres of land.
  • Value added chilli/spices powder manufacturing and marketing to be initiated in P. Meenatchipuram through the support of Infrasys, USA.
  • Skill development training on fish pickles making was imparted to the coastal women SHGs and it has been planned to promote it at a macro-level.
  • Promotion of Clean and green village campaign in Kovilpatti, Ettaiyapuram and Vilathikulam blocks with the support of Exnora.








In the fiscal period 2006 – 07, the number of staff involved in Vidiyel activities is:

Executive Director                                 –        1

Manager                                                   –        1

Project Coordinators                                     –         3

Accounts Officer                                   –         1

Field Officer                                                     –         1

Community Organisers                                –         8

FCC Teachers                                                  –         27

ILP CAC Teachers                                          –         10

Strengthening of local school – teacher     –        1

Creche Care taker                                           –         1

Crèche Cook                                                    –         1

Total number of staff                                   –         55




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