Annual Reports 2008-2009


The fiscal year 2008 – 2009 is yet another period for Vidiyel Trust to redesign its strategic intervention. This reporting year activities have been carried out with unaltered programmes but with effective and efficacy results at macro-level. With limited available funds, Vidiyel Trust has the pride of projecting well-tailored programmes that best suits the communities for their development to an extent. The continuous and reinforced supports of India Literacy Project, Bangalore and the emerging support of AIMS-India, the intended children in coastal and rural villages are energised with proper facilitation to enhance their health and educational standards to possible extent.


‘Multi-pronged development activities for all sections of the targeted people have better quality of life’ – is the primary focus of ours and we are strongly moving in this direction. On this frontier, we further received experiences that ensure consistent accessing, controlling and sharing of existing resources, information and participation will only determine in empowering the community at distress. Thus, Vidiyel Trust has begun to treat the self-help groups as not a substance for mere savings and credits but rather respected being which need to be facilitated to understand their critical level of consciousness to resolve their distressing problems through collective actions.


As a part of our innovative programme in our region, we have initiated a Redressal Cell for distressed women and other persons to resolve their problems on their own. In this respect, a retired CBI-CID inspector has been appointed to facilitate in the redressal processes. Therefore, Vidiyel Trust has been attempting innovative programmes with the vision for actualization of social equity. Vision is high, mission is also strong but the sources in the society are skewed in one angle with uneven proportions, thus breaking off this vicious circle of inaccessible quality education, unaffordable health system and low wages is our major task in upcoming periods.


Dr. K. Jothimony





In the aftermath of Tsunami, India Literacy Project, Bangalore rightly analysed in line with the felt need of the community to promote children’s education and sustainable livelihood programmes for the victims of the coastal regions. Hence, ILP supported Vidiyel Trust to carry out the task. Gradually, the programme refocused in advancing right based approaches for elicitation and protection of children’s rights against violation of any form. Thus, along with regular educational inputs, Child Rights Clubs were initiated.


Child Development Centres


In 6 villages of Vembar and Periyasamipuram panchayats, 10 CDCs are functioning with total 432 children. Basic education to improvise mathematical and language skills, vocabulary building on Tamil, English and Hindi and learning on regular school subjects, were largely focused. In the month of June 2008, the children were issued notebooks, uniforms and geometry boxes as a part of educational material supports. Ten Children Parliaments were formed to federate the children to enable their participation in discharging their powers and duties as Ministers in the fields of education, health, sports, environment, law and public relation. Inputs on child rights, general knowledge and current affairs are provided constantly in the regular sessions.





List of Students and Teachers in Child Development Centres

S.No Name of the Place Teacher Name Boys Girls Total
1 Periasamipuram Stella 18 19 37
2 Periasamipuram Lordhu Rexi 18 23 41
3 Mutthaiahpuram Mathialagi Selvarani 6 11 17
4 Pachyapuram Pon Lakhshmi 20 23 43
5 Vembar Sahaya Seeli 16 17 33
6 Vembar Sakthi Devi 15 17 32
7 Vembar Uma Devi 16 15 31
8 Vadakku Seval Mallika 19 19 38
9 Vadakku Seval Mukkadal Petchi 27 14 41
10 Royappapuram Flora 19 19 38
         Total 351


Distribution of teaching materials to CDC teachers


On 3rd June 2008, Vidiyel Trust organized a programme of issue teaching aid materials to CDC teachers. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust distributed the teaching materials to 10 CDC teachers. With the support of ILP the educational materials were provided with intention of enabling the teaching to render pedagogical teaching to the students.

Child Rights Club Programme



On April 10, 2008, Vidiyel Trust conducted child rights club programme at CDC centre, Periasamipuram. Miss. A. Bhuvaneshwari, Coordinator, Vidiyel Trust – Kovilpatti, was the resource person. She addressed the gathered children and explicated about the existing fundamental right to education, right to companionship, right to protection and right to participation. 55 children participated in this programme. She provoked interactive discussions with the children and clarified them on the follow issues:


  • Necessity of education for female and male children.
  • The advantages of education.
  • The children should complete their school education up to 17years to avoid child labour.


Eventually, she accentuated on the need for pursuing higher education after 17 years of age especially availing technical education for ease job accessibility.  The doubts raised by the participated students were cleared by the resource person. This programme was very useful for our target village school going children, which raised their critical level of consciousness about the rights available to them.


ILP – Community Meetings


On April 1st, 2008, Vidiyel Trust conducted the community meeting at Royappapuram village with the support of ILP. The programme was held at Child Development Centre in Royappapuram. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust, welcomed the participants and introduced the resource persons to them. Mr.Viyakulamuthu, Headmaster, RC Primary School, Royappapuram, Mr.M.Ravi, Agricultural Consultant and Mr.R. Alagumariappan, Advisor, Vidiyel Trust participated in the programme as resource persons. The discussions whirled about population education, family welfare programme, need and significance of female children’s’ education, early childhood care and rising the age at marriage of men and women. 24 persons participated in the meeting. Eventually, the participants asked some questions and their doubts were clear by the resource persons.


Skill Development Programme for Women


On 29th May 2008, Vidiyel Trust conducted the groundnut cake preparation training programme for women with the support of ILP. Mr. Kumaravelu, project manager, presided over the training. Mr.Alagu Mariappan gave special talk regarding the general and specific objectives of the training. The trainers, Mr.Nagaraj and Mr.Ramani trained the participants to prepare groundnut cakes practically through demonstration. 35 women participated in the training programme. At the end of the training, the trainees told that they had gained knowledge and skills to manufacture the groundnut cake and sales process to possible extent. The impacts of the programme:


  • Five women have gained skills in the preparation of groundnut cake has started production and marketing of it as a team. Of whom three women are involved in preparation of the groundnut cake and the other two women engaged in selling it in local shops. This team has ensured collective self-sustenance.


  • One woman participant is running a groundnut manufacturing company after gaining knowledge and application from the five-day skill development training. She gave a feedback that the shop generates good income for having sustainable livelihood. Her success has stimulated another three women to involve in photography profession.


ILP – Educational Tour


On 3rd May 2008, the CDC teacher went for study tour for one day at Navajeevan Trust in Kanyakumari to learn the methods adopted in that Trust for enriching the educational standards of the students. They had interaction with those students and teachers to record the system of bridging the student-teacher relationship. The teachers had grasped certain innovative ideas of the exposure and currently, applying it i.e., approaching students of unique traits. After the observation work they visited some places of Kanyakumari, Suseendram temple, Padmanaphan palace, Thirparappu falls and Thottipalam. They had purposive entertainment in the picnic spots. After returning from the tour, Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust evaluated the impacts of the tour and in this regard discussed with the teachers. Eventually, the educational tour resulted in learning with entertainment.


ILP – Exposure visit to Police Station


Vidiyel Trust arranged exposure visit for the children of the CDC in Vadakkuseval village. Mr. Thomas King, Field officer of ILP-project arranged the exposure visit. 40 children visited the Soorangudi police station on 24th May 2008 along with Mr. Thomas Kind, Ms.Malliga and Ms.Mukkadal Petchi. During the visit, Mr. Jayasekaran, Sub-Inspector, Soorangudi, delivered about the activities and infrastructure of the police station. The students had learnt about the prevention of crimes of police department. It could be visibly observed that the children after the interaction had developed friendly relationship with the police personnel.


ILP – Exposure Visit to Pandiyan Bank

CDC students were taken for study exposure to Pandiyan Grama Bank of Vembar branch and Sub Post Office in Vembar in the month of April 2008. The Bank Manager explained the purpose of banking system in a simple language that the children could understand. All the section staff were introduced to the children. He emphasized the need for savings from childhood. The students through this visit had provoked to save money from their pocket money. In the post-visit the students have practised savings.


Distribution of Notebooks to CDC Children


On 24th June 2008, notebooks were distributed to the all CDC students of ILP supported project. At Vidiyel Trust Office, Dr.K.Jothimony, Executive Director, Vidiyel Trust distributed the notebooks to all CDC teachers. The CDC teachers in turn handed over the notebooks to the children in the CDCs. 432 children have received notebooks and geometry boxes.


Distribution of Scholarship to Students


On June 12, 2008 Vidiyel Trust organized a scholarship distribution function for issuing scholarships to deserved students of Government Higher Secondary School, at the school campus itself. After morning assembly, Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust distributed Rs.1000/- (Rupees thousand only) each for 20 students. After distribution, the Executive Director addressed the students to study well and develop their skills to have prosperous life in future and learning and enjoyable life in the present. Mr. David, Head Master, Government Higher Secondary School, Vembar conveyed earnest thanks and appreciation for Dr. K. Jothimony and ILP project team for their magnanimous support for the educational welfare of the poor students.


Early Childhood Development Centre (Crèche)


Working mothers of Periyasamipuram village have an alternative for their children’s care, which is the Early Childhood Development Centre (crèche). Even after the termination of fund for the crèche the villagers of Periyasamipuram with immediate felt need gathered themselves after seeing the success of the crèche run by Vidiyel to make it sustain through their collective efforts. Currently, the crèche is running with the local mobilisation of the villagers to an extent. Technical guidance is imparted by the Vidiyel staff. Thus, the crèche has 26 children in the ages of 1 to 5 years.  The children with suitable pedagogical methods are groomed to learn their daily activities, further on rhymes, picture learning on objects, types of natural scenarios, table teaching and social habits.






Vidiyel Trust in consistent with the communities felt the need for student’s educational support services for enhancing their knowledge horizon. Initially, in the month of July 2008, Vidiyel Trust conducted a preliminary study in 12 villages to find out the educational status and the factors influencing as barriers for the education progress of the children. The outcomes of the study projected that the poor socio-economic conditions retards the children to have quality education, further these poor schooling children struggles in understanding basic concepts of the school subjects. In this respect, Vidiyel Trust approached AIMS India (ASTA) and they rightly supported after the field visits of Mr. Joseph, Coordinator, AIMS India – Chennai, who gave his approval with rationality.


Activities of Student Development Centres (SDCs)


In the month of February 2009, 5 SDCs were started off in Veludupatti, Periyasamipuram, Paruvagudi, Karivalamvanthanallur and Kuvalaikani villages in Vilathikulam block. In each SDC, minimum 25 students were enrolled. A part-time teacher from the locality has been appointed in each centre. With the available local materials the teachers were groomed to educate the schooling children to increase their vocabularies, understanding the basic mathematical and science concepts. Eventually, the children are constantly exposed to develop reading habits and it has been initiated to motivate them to increase self-learning skills, which will render positive effects in their future lives.






With the initiative of Family Planning Association of India (FPAI), Madurai, under the guidance of Dr. Louis S. Paul Raj, Branch Manager of FPAI-Madurai, Vidiyel Trust volunteers participated in two day training on 3rd and 4th November 2008 at Derose Centre, Tuticorin. After that the training, the volunteers involved in surveying the mortality and morbidity of children from November 7, 2008 to November 27, 2008. The data collection was done in Kumarettiyapuram and Namasivayapuram, which comes under the purview of Sivagnanapuram Primary Health Sub-centre, Poosanoor, Ketchilapuram and Ramachandrapuram villages supervised under Puliyakulam HSC, Manthikulam and Kumarapuram villages covered by Marthandampatti HSC. The completed survey forms were handed over to FPAI, Madurai.





Since 1997, Vidiyel Trust with impeeecunious women in ensuring their association in form of self-help group for socio-economic upliftment. In the fiscal year 2008 – 2009, Vidiyel Trust revamped its stand in working with the women self-help groups, in April 2008, a series of discussions were held with the women groups to redefine the functioning of groups by accessing, controlling and sharing of resources, information and participation in empowering themselves in socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural dimensions rather than top-bottom approaches or dependency influential approaches.


On November 6, 2008, Mrs.T.Mary and Mrs.G.Maria Jeyarani, SHG field animators, Vidiyel Trust participated in the meeting organised by the commissioner panchayat union,Vilathikulam. The meeting focused on strengthening the coordination between NGOs, self-help groups and government officials.


On November 16, 2008, Mrs.T.Mary and Mrs.G.Maria Jeyarani, SHG field animators, Vidiyel Trust participated in the meeting organised on SBI-life insurance for SHG staffs and groups animators by the State Bank of India, Vilathikulam.

158 women self-help groups in Sankarankovil domain and 41 groups in Vilathikulam region are effectively functioning in enhancing their economic structures. In the upcoming period, 20 groups in Vilathikulam are planned to sustain themselves with their own funding mobilization. Vidiyel Trust visualize this has positive effects of its laborious work in making the groups to sustain themselves.


10 self-help groups of Vilathikulam domain have been facilitated to receive direct linkage loan for Rs.10000 each group. Seven groups to a tuning amount of Rs.400000 each received economic loan to improvise their economic status. The groups received loan have been guided and motivated to enhance and sustain their livelihood incomes. 


Details about Loan Issued to the Groups in Sankarankovil Zone


S.No. Types of Loan Loan Amount (Rs.)
1 Economical loan 2880000
2 Revolving Fund 425000
3 Direct Linkage Loan 1942500
Total 5247500


In Sankarankovil zone, District Rural Development Agency conducted various games and sports for self-help groups, among the participated groups, three Vidiyel self-help groups won the titles and awarded with prizes and citations.


Vidiyel self-help groups raised public awareness on sanitation issues in the villages of Sankarankovil block. The groups formed a cultural troupe and this team intensively traveled and performed mind triggering critical consciousness programmes on proper sanitation and structure.


Training on range of micro-level trade products such as phenol, soap, powder, tooth pastes, basket weaving, household decorative articles, embroidery, varied creams and  variety of pickles was imparted to 15 women self-help groups for a period of one week consecutively. The manufactured products by the groups were showcased in the functions held at panchayat and block levels.

A health camp was conducted in Kuvalaikani village on December 15, 2008, where 224 women and children turned out to check their health status. The persons with minor illness were treated with prescribed medications and those with severe health complexities were referred to government hospital for further intensive treatment.


Three day legal aid awareness camps were held for women self-help groups from January 14, 2009 to January 16, 2009 in Kuvalaikani, Karivalamvanthanallur and Paruvakudi. Lawyers were invited for this programme and they with ease understanding for the poor literate rural women educated them on women rights and about other rights which they can avail to demand, restore and protect their legitimate rights.






Consciousness on Right to Information Act for rural people was essentially felt for enabling these masses to avail and access the required information from various government quarters. Vidiyel Trust in the month of October promoted intensive campaigns on Right to Information Act in 12 villages viz., Vembar, Rayappapuram, Patchiyapuram, Ariyanayagipuram, Puliyangkulam, Poosanur, Marthandapatti, Karisalkulam, Vathalakarai, Ayan Bommaiyapuram, Keelavilathikulam and Kumarapuram villages. The campaign troupe consists of Mr. R. Alagu Mariappan, Manager of Vidiyel Trust, Mr. Thomas King, Field Officer of Vidiyel Trust and Mr. Kumaravel, Project Manager of Bharathiar Community Centre. In each village, the panchayat president, councilors and ward members took efforts in mobilizing and organizing the villagers to participate in the campaign. In each campaign an average of 40 persons participated.  


A RTI campaign was held at Sankarankovil on February 5, 2009 the women self-help groups of Sankarankovil zone were mobilized and they were educated on right to information. Ms. Vijayarani took effort in organizing the programme. Dr. Jothimony presided over the function. Mr. R. Alagu Mariappan, Project Manager of Vidiyel Trust, Mr. Thomas King, Field Officer of Vidiyel Trust and Mr. Kumaravel, Project Manager of Bharathiar Community Centre handled various sessions of the RTI module and educated the groups on the needs, significance, application and procedures of RTI.






Contaminated water prominently prevailing in most of the villages in Vilathikulam block, thus the necessity for testing the water substances for determining its quality for consuming, was realised. On 15th January 2009, Mr. Elangovan and Mr. Kumaran, students of IIT, Chennai provided training water quality test for higher secondary students of Vilathikulam. An inaugural function was held in this, where Mr. S. Ram Krishnan, Founder Member of Bharathiar Community Centre and Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust delivered their special notes on importance of having quality water consumption. Water quality testing was done in 30 villages of Vilathikulam block. A good responses were resulted for active participation of the local villagers. The testing results were informed to the panchayat presidents to take precautionary measures for ensuring supply of quality water.







Promotion of traditional siddha practices for relieving the burden of medical costs incurred by the poor families, Vidiyel Trust propelled siddha education in 3 villages. On December 11, 2008, organized siddha medical camp in Sivagnanapuram village, where 180 persons turned out. On March 5, 2009, organized siddha medical camp in Duraisamipuram and another camp on March 28, 2009, in each camp more than 150 persons participated. All the participated persons were medically diagnosed and provided siddha medicines and also educated on basic siddha usages in common life. Siddha Physicians of Government Hospital participated in the programme and provided their valuable services for the villagers. Dr. K. Jothimony, Executive Director welcomed the participants and delivered a note on the significance of traditional medicines in our daily life.







Domestic violation against women, children and underprivileged are escalating in Vilathikulam domain in recent pasts. On assessing the need for establishing a redressal cell for addressing their problems and providing counseling and guidance as well as legal aid to resolve the victim’s problem. On March 8, 2009, a Grievance Redressal Cell for Women, Children and Underprivileged was inaugurated at Vilathikualm. Mrs. Shymala Devi, Deputy Superintendent of Police opened the cell by cutting off the ribbon. Dr. K. Jothimony welcomed the participants. Mr. C. Murugesan, Retired CB-CID Sub-Inspector, was appointed as the Adviser of the Redressal cell. Through this cell, the victims are counseled and guided to resolve their problems. Further, in the fiscal year, 10 women were facilitated to avail government welfare schemes like OAP, housing patta and Marriage benefit.






As a part of social inclusion of disabled people, Vidiyel Trust involves in integrating the identified disabled people in mainstream of the society. A programme on distribution of tri-cycles was organized on August 11, 2008. Dr.K. Jothimony distributed the cycles to three handicapped students studying in Government Higher Secondary School, Vilathikulam.






VIDIYEL TRUST is always thankful to ……

  • India Literacy Project, Bangalore
  • AIMS-India, Boston Chapter
  • NABARD, Thoothukudi
  • Tamilnadu Women Development Corporation
  • District Rural Development Agency, Thoothukudi
  • Block Development Office, Vilathikulam
  • Block Development Office, Kovilpatti
  • Block Development Office, Kayathar
  • Block Development Office, Sankarankovil
  • Block Development Office, Pudhur
  • NRI Home Coming Team
  • Manager, State Bank of India, Vilathikulam
  • Manager, Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank, Vilathikulam
  • Manager, Indian Overseas Bank, Sankarankovil.


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