Annual Reports 2013 – 2014


Message from Executive Director’s Desk..
Vidiyel Trust has landed into sixteenth year, when reviewing the past developmental events, it’s surprising to see the achieved milestones but not contented with this situation, we speculate about the action needed to accomplish the unfulfilled results. In the midst of both successes and failures, we have been travelling consistently to work with the women, children and farmers to empower them.
In the fiscal 2013-14, Vidiyel Trust has strengthened the Kilavilathikulam Watershed Development Project and the Vattara Vivasaya Vilaiporul Urpathiyalarkal Kootamaippu (Vilathikulam Block Farmers’ Agricultural Productivity Federation). The target participants of both the programmes are in the capacity to spontaneously execute the action, monitoring and follow-up.
The vicious circle of market deprivation and interference of the middle men are considerably restricted with the participation and involvement of the members of  Vattara Vivasaya Vilaiporul Urpathiyalarkal Kootamaippu. In the upcoming years, they would have better access to the open markets to sell their agricultural products for better prices. Besides, the women members interested for entrepreneurial activities are enabled to become successful entrepreneurs.
In the upcoming year, we will revisit our programmes and move forward in the desired direction for realization of our vision.
Dr. K. Jothimony
Vidiyel Trust envisions…
  • Rural communities living together in harmony and just sharing the resources for collective self reliance and harmonious life.
Vidiyel Trust mission is…
  • To work with indigent communities to end up socioeconomic deprivation and to enable them for health, education and socioeconomic upliftment.
Vidiyel Trust strategy is…
  • Identify and assess the problems and needs of the poor communities.
  • Enable the people to get organised and share the resources and skills and to facilitate them to lead a life of collective self-sustenance and self-reliance with the capacity to resolve their problems on their own.
Vidiyel Trust History…
Vidiyel Trust was formed on 4th November 1997 by a team of dedicated and committed beings envisaging the development of the people in need.  The organisation name “Vidiyel” connotes ‘dawn’ in Tamil, the objective is to bring an institutional change for people’s development in the areas of education, health, agriculture and industry. The organisation being led by Dr. K. Jothimony, a Scientist voluntarily retired from ONGC to serve the underprivileged people in Vilathikulam area, has a social vision of uplifting the downtrodden communities and striving to succeed in this task.
Kilavilathikulam Watershed Development Project
Vidiyel Trust facilitates Kilavilathikulam watershed development project with the financial attribution of NABARD in 100 hectares (interim phase) that would benefits the rural masses in 7 villages of Kilavilathikulam region. We constituted Kilavilathikulam village watershed committee (KVWC) that comprises of representatives of Panchayat Raj Institution, village elders and agricultural farmers. The KVWC has 33 per cent women representatives. It has been legally registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975. The KVWC acts as a project implementing body.
Purpose of the Project
The prime intention of the programme is to enrich the water source for local communities to advance sustainable agricultural practices. For each structure, NABARD contributes 84% and the remaining 16% is contributed by the community.
Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period
  • As a part of Full Implementation Phase (FIP), an interim phase has been initiated in 100 hectares. For the 31 raised farm ponds, created inlet and outlet pipes for controlling of the overflow of water during rainy seasons.
  • Raised grass seedlings along the bankment of the farm bonds to avoid soil erosion.
  • Conducted awareness programme for farmers on Gobar gas. Mr. Ganeshan, Kathi Institute explained about the benefits of the Gobar gas and its operation mode.
Impacts Assessed
  • The targeted farmers have successfully utilised the farm ponds for agricultural irrigation with prudent water practices. Of whom a significant proportion of them have better agricultural productivity.
  • Paddy cultivation, which once an unreachable dream of the farmers, now many of them by using the farm ponds have better yields.
  • Most focused farmers are using handy pumps for chilli cultivation by which they promptly irrigate and save their time.
  • A success of the farmers with better yields have created a multiplier effect i.e the farmers in the neighbour villages are also interested to install farm pond for their agricultural practices.
  • All the members of the village committee were actively participated in the meetings and showed their inclination in raising a watershed structure for the benefits of their villagers.
Vidiyel Trust with the support of AIMS India Foundation, USA, runs Student Development Centres in 30 villages of 3 clusters (Kanyakumari, Kolachel and Nilgiris). Totally 1139 rural poor children are being benefitted from these centres, where they have increased space to enhance their academic and vocational skills. Each centre has a qualified teacher and every centre has 5 volunteers. The 30 qualified teachers in day time act as para-teachers in local regular schools and in the evening hours they coach the rural children in the centres.
The project objective is to enhance the academic and life education of the poor and marginalised children.
Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period
  • Supporting Para-Teacher at Government High School in Kodangipatti in Vilathikulam block.
  • Provided learning materials to all the children in the centre.
  • Conducted sports and cultural events to the children and the winners and other participants were given prizes.
  • Provided vocabulary improvisation skills to the children in Tamil, English and Hindi.
Impacts Assessed
  • Most focused children have increased their reading and writing skills in both Tamil and English.
  • Many children showed their interests in participating in sports and cultural events and a quite number of children have revealed their potentials, when provided chances.
Socialisation and saving habits have prominently increased among the women self-help groups but they often fail as entrepreneurs. Thus, to enable them to become successful women entrepreneurs by engaging and overcoming the business troubles, it has been planned to provide coaching for them.
The purpose of the women development programme is to enrich and enhance the quality of life of the rural women.
Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period
  • Provided business counselling for 81 women who planned to start up trade activities.
  • Facilitated the women to avail loan for carrying out income generation activities.
  • Facilitated a good number of groups to function independently with the support of panchayat level federation.
Impacts Assessed
  • About 43 women started up income generation programmes and most of them are successfully running up the trade.
  • There is a need for further skill upgradation amongst some of members involved in the promotion of income generation programmes.
Operation of Bio-mass Gasifier
Biomass is one of the renewable energy sources and also deemed to mitigate green house gas emissions. Considering the benefits of the biomass, Vidiyel Trust installed biomass gasifier unit at Kuralaiyampatti village, from which current energy is generated and supplied to the 13 acres of a farm land and to the nearby villages for the utilisation by the farmers to run motors.
  • To increase the knowledge and application of biomass among the rural masses for strengthening the renewable energy sources.
Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period
  • School students of St.Charles Higher Secondary School visited the biomass gasifier unit.
  • Ram Krishnan visited the biomass gasifier unit and inspected the operation level of the biomass gasifier unit.
  • About 112 persons from nearby villages visited the site and learned the process of renewal energy.
Impacts Assessed
  • The energy extracted from the biomass gasifier unit is utilised for electrification of Bharathiyar Community Centre.
  • The local communities have realized the significance of the biomass by using the juliflora proposis tree woods as inputs.
  • The visitors are more interested to revisit the plants to learn about the renewal energy sources.
NABARD Farmers’ Clubs
Vidiyel Trust with the support of NABARD formed NABARD Farmers’ Clubs in 14 villages (Ayan Bommaiyapuram, Vilvamarathupatti, Idaichiyurani, Meenachipuram, Kumara Shankanapuram, Lakshmipuram, Periyasamipuram, Velidupatti, Kuruvarpatti, Virusampatti, Atrankarai, Thoppampatti, K.Subaiyapuram and Kumarapuram).
The NABARD farmers’ clubs aimed to contribute for the education and association of the farmers to have access to socio-economic and technological resources of the State.
Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period
  • Conducted interface meetings of the farmers’ clubs with the experts, Veterinary Doctor, Manager of Soil Test Centre, Assistant Director (Agri), Assistant Agricultural Officer, Agro-Engineer Department, etc.
  • Conducted sensitisation meetings for the farmers on veterinary care. Dr.Kannabiran, Veterinary Doctor gave inputs on vet care.
  • The farmers clubs held weekly meetings to discuss about various agricultural issues.
Impacts Assessed
  • Increased coordination among the farmers resulted through their association in the clubs.
  • The bankers are now interested to provide Kisan Credit Card to the farmers clubs.
  • The members of the Farmers’ Clubs have passed resolution to federate all the clubs and to strengthen their combined and concerted efforts.
Vilathikulam Vattara Vivasaya Vilaiporul Urpathiyalarkal Kootamaippu
The farmers clubs in 14 villages were federated to forge Vilathikulam Vattara Vivasaya Vilaiporul Urpathiyalarkal Kootamaippu (Vilathikulam Block farmers Agricultural Productivity Federation). It has a separate legal entity for its functioning.
The purpose of the association is to ensure increased collectivity among the farmers through which enhancing their marketing for their agricultural products.
Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period
  • Initially with 319 members the federation was started off, now 336 members are actively promoting their agricultural products through it. Thus, in this year 17 farmers were newly enlisted. The new members provided their due share of Rs.2000 to the federation account that amounted to Rs.34,000.
  • NABARD provided Producers Organisation Development Fund (PODF) Rs.6,30,000 to the Federation. The PODF charges interest for 6% from the Federation, whereas, the federation charges 12% interest for the members who received the loan.
  • The Federation has paid the interest Rs.9838 to PODF for 2013-14.
  • Provided internal loan to the members from the federation account.
  • The programmes and accounts are constantly monitored and audited respectively by the District Development Manager, NABARD, Tuticorin.
Impacts Assessed
  • A unity among the farmers has been ensured. Through collective action, the federation members are in a capacity to sell their agricultural products for reasonable price.
  • The members are repaying the loan amount with any default, and there is higher probability for other members to avail the loan facilities.
  • Every 5th of the month the members are constantly participating the meeting and on the same day they repay the principal and interest amount.
Bharathiyar Community Centre
Bharathiyar Community Centre has been established by Vidiyel Trust at Kuralaiyampatti in Vilathikulam for creating a village resource model for the rural communities in Vilathikulam domain.
Bharathiyar Community Centre aimed at contributing for creation of a village resource model for enabling the rural communities to internalise and apply the model in their areas for their sustainable growth.
Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period
  • Installed bore well and water tank for watering the plants.
  • Constructed a Communication Office Building for strengthening the communication system of BCC.
  • Raised a cow shed and a goat shed for rearing cows and goats.
  • Rearing ducks and chickens in BCC.
  • Procured a mini-tractor with multiple utilities and placed in use for plough and removal of weeds.
  • Celebrated Pongal festival at Bharathiyar Community Centre on January 14th Dr. K.Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust and Mrs. Rosalind Santhi presided over the function. Pongal was cooked and the children rejoiced by shouting pongalo pangalo. Then, pongal was distributed to the chief guests and the participants.
Impacts Assessed
  • The saplings planted have fostered through watering and now the region looks lush.
  • The structures raised for promotion of mixed cattle farm have given hope for promoting a prototype for the rural masses to learn and adapt the cattle farm in their available lands.
Hand pump for watering the chilli plants was very much useful for on time watering.
  • Pandiarajan, Idaichurani
I got better price for my agricultural products, which is primarily due to the support of Vilathikulam Vattara Vivasaya Vilaiporul Urpathiyalarkal Kootamaippu. I feel pride to be a member of this federation.
  • Ganeshan, Farmer, Vilvamarathupatti


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