Bio Mass Gas

Bio Mass Gas


Biomass is one of the renewable energy sources and also deemed to mitigate green house gas emissions. Considering the benefits of the biomass, Vidiyel Trust installed biomass gasifier unit at Kuralaiyampatti village, from which current energy is generated and supplied to the 13 acres of a farm land and to the nearby villages for the utilisation by the farmers to run motors.



  • To increase the knowledge and application of biomass among the rural masses for strengthening the renewable energy sources.

Major Activities Executed in the Reporting Period

  • Ram Krishnan visited the biomass gasifier unit and inspected the operation level of the biomass gasifier unit.
  • About 109 persons from nearby villages visited the site and learned the process of renewal energy.
  • Around 83 college and school going students from Tuticorin and Vilathikulam areas visited the plant. Dr. K.Jothimony, Executive Director of Vidiyel Trust explained the process of the bio-mass gasifier plant.


Impacts Assessed

  • The energy extracted from the biomass gasifier unit is utilised for electrification of Bharathiyar Community Centre.
  • The local communities have realized the significance of the biomass by using the juliflora proposis tree woods as inputs.
  • The visitors are more interested to revisit the plants to learn about the renewal energy sources.


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